Alice + Olivia Holis Structured Dress

A collaboration with one of our collectives in Mexico, this double-pleated dress easily moves from day at the beach to date night, thanks to a structured style, a deep back V and a bold blue and yellow pattern. The cotton fabric is hand-woven in a traditional Zapotec style—a culture known for its beautiful weaving and dates back at least 2,500 years.

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About the Artisans

Once a co-op of 10 weavers, the Oaxacan Weaving Co-op had to cut their workforce down to five employees in 2006 due to civil uprisings in the area. Thanks to the Alice + Olivia collaboration, they were able to hire additional employees to take on the largest export order the co-op has ever received. 

The Alice + Olivia collaboration helped our co-op partners in Oaxaca refine their business practices. From negotiating agreements and calculating costs to understanding their production capacity and meeting deadlines, this order really challenged the co-op owners, Julio and Norma, for the better. The Alice + Olivia collaboration was the first time they had to manage such a large order in a limited time, but they were thrilled by the experience and hope more opportunties like this come their way, to help their weavers and the community. 

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About Handloom

By definition, handloom fabric is created using a hand-powered loom rather than one run on a machine. Handloom artisans lead this meticulous process, which involves weaving the yarn together to create solid, striped, or patterned textiles. The handloom technique has deep roots in many cultures around the globe, often representing a heritage through colors, techniques,
and symbolism.