About the Artisans

Through the nursing scarf collaboration with The Honest Company, the weavers of Maheswar and Jodhpur have gained independence and security. These co-ops were able to train and hire new artisans during the process, which impacted the lives
of nearly 300 people within the community. 

India’s weaving communities have traditionally been exploited and demeaned by middlemen, but our artisan partners are focused on changing the community’s attitude towards work. Not only does having access to consistent work put food on the table, it helps artisan women earn the respect of their husbands. The Maheswar co-op sees a decrease in domestic violence against the women weavers the longer they’re a part of the co-op.

Recognizing that education is a key factor in improving life outcomes, the group requires and pays for each artisan’s children to go to school and provides daycare at the weaving center.