About the Artisans

Once a co-op of 10 weavers, the Oaxacan Weaving Co-op had to cut their workforce down to five employees in 2006 due to civil uprisings in the area. Thanks to the Alice + Olivia collaboration, they were able to hire additional employees to take on the largest export order the co-op has ever received. 

The Alice + Olivia collaboration helped our co-op partners in Oaxaca refine their business practices. From negotiating agreements and calculating costs to understanding their production capacity and meeting deadlines, this order really challenged the co-op owners, Julio and Norma, for the better. The Alice + Olivia collaboration was the first time they had to manage such a large order in a limited time, but they were thrilled by the experience and hope more opportunties like this come their way, to help their weavers and the community.